Frequently Asked Questions

Does the CTN Good Clinical Practices course comply with the ICH E6(R2) addendum?
Yes, the course was updated on March 3, 2017 to comply with the ICH E6(R2) addendum.
Is this GCP training compliant with TransCelerate's Mutual Recognition (MR) Program for ICH E6 (R2) Good Clinical Practice Training?

Yes. We are pleased to advise our users that National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network is now listed as a GCP training provider whose Version 5 GCP course meets TransCelerate's Minimum Criteria for ICH E6 (R2) GCP.

Click the link here to access the GCP Mutual Recognition Providers list: Then, scroll down to National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network, and select the plus sign [+] to review the listing and sample certificate.

Has the GCP certificate been revised?

Yes. The GCP course certificate has been modified to include the current course version and date: Good Clinical Practice, Version 5, effective 03-Mar-2017.

Certificates with a completion date of 03-Mar-2017 or after are valid for the current course (Version 5). Login to your account to access the modified certificate, which can then be downloaded to your local drive as a PDF document and printed from your desktop.

Certificates with a completion date before 03-Mar-2017 are valid for a previous course version. These certificates will need to be renewed using the current course (V5), which incorporates the E6 (R2) guidelines, although the current certificate may still be within the 3-year renewal period.

To renew, users may login, select the Certification tab, and choose the button at the bottom of the page for Renew Early if a current certificate is available, or choose the button for Renew Certificate if the certificate has expired. This required action will clear the active certificate from the previous course version and the quiz scores for that certificate. All quizzes must then be completed with at least 80% accuracy. Upon successful completion, the user will be given access to the renewal certificate, which can then be downloaded to your local drive as a PDF document and printed from your desktop.

I typed in my name incorrectly while registering, and now that I have completed the course my name is spelled incorrectly. How do I fix this?
Submit a request to the administrator at for the correction.
When can I view or print my certificate?
Once a user has successfully completed quizzes for each module with a score of 80% or better, the user will have access to view or print the Certificate of Completion.
I have completed all quizzes for the course. In My Progress, the system says I must re-take some of the quizzes; however, I know my answers are correct. I think there is a problem with your quiz answers.
We understand this situation well. Please continue to retake the quiz(zes) that you have not completed successfully with 80% or better until you receive a passing score.
Is there a course outline or summary with detail about the course modules?
Using the Resources section of the website, users may view, save, and print the content of each module in PDF format to use on the screen or offline.
How much does the GCP course cost and is it open to outside parties?
There is no cost to use this GCP course, and it is open-access to the public.
Is your GCP training certified for study sites NOT dealing with drug abuse, but typical pharmaceutical trials, for example, studies that deal with asthma and other respiratory diseases? Will the certificate from your training course be accepted by our Sponsors as relevant GCP training?
This training course is based on International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Guidelines as best practices and regulatory requirements for conducting clinical research trials in the United States. While the scenarios discussed are related to substance abuse treatment, the concepts are applicable to all clinical research. That being said, we recommend that users check with their sponsors to determine if our certification is acceptable to them.
Do I have to complete all modules in any particular order?
No, you may navigate through the modules and complete them in any order. Use the tab My Progress to keep track of the modules in progress or the ones completed.
Is your course eligible for CMEs for Physicians, Nurses, etc.? If yes, what is the certifying authority for each?
Individuals seeking CE/CMEs should consult their credentialing organization’s requirements for guidance. Some individuals affiliated with credentialing institutions have submitted the GCP Certificate of Completion for credit or CMEs through those agencies. For example, the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) accepts CTN training for continuing education credits. IIf you require additional documentation for this purpose, please email to submit a detailed request.
I completed this course at a former facility using a different email. How do I change the username to my current email address?
Please submit a request to the Administrator at to change your username, providing the former email address and the current one to replace it. If you forgot your former email address, please provide your full name in the request.
I am able to access the website for training. However, the screen is askew. Some of the text overlaps images, and the image quality is low.
When this issue occurs, it is related to an outdated internet browser usually. The website is designed to work optimally on desktops, laptops, and handheld devices using Internet Explorer 11 or a later version as well as the latest version of other internet browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Users are encouraged to update their internet browser and then access the website. If you still experience the problem after updating your internet browser, send a request for help to the Administrator at
I have completed certification, but I want to retake the quizzes to get a better score. However, the system will not let me retake the quizzes.

When a trainee has already completed a quiz with a passing score, the system will allow for retakes after a 30-day waiting period. Since GCP certificates expire after 3 years, the current certificate remains accessible when all quizzes have a passing score (greater than or equal to 80%) and until the expiry date has passed.

If recertification is needed prior to the 3-year expiration date, users may choose the Renew Early option that is located under the Certification tab. Please note that by choosing to Renew Early, users will erase current quiz scores and remove the current certificate. Recertification can be obtained by successfully completing all quizzes again. Therefore, users should be careful and deliberate in using the Renew Early option.


The NIDA Clinical Coordinating Center is available to answer any questions not covered in this section or the About section of the website by contacting